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(ISO9001) Good quality Huawei Brand PE Pipe

(ISO9001) Good quality Huawei Brand PE Pipe
Product Detailed

PE Pipe
Use in Irrigation.

PE Pipe

Brief Description:

Irrigation always uses PE pipe (Polyethylene tubing) as the main water delivery to the drippers and micro sprinklers. That is the line which is used from the valve to the plants or from the main line to the plants. Our PE pipes are made in black color. PE pipes with the outside diameter of less than 63mm may also be supplied in coil with different length, 200 meters, 500 meters, 1000 meters, and so on. PE pipe are connected by the compression fittings.

Product Code:

1012 Φ12 - 1.0mm PE Pipe with 1000m per Roll1016 Φ16 - 1.0mm PE Pipe with 1000m per Roll1020 Φ20 - 1.8mm PE Pipe with 500m per Roll1025 Φ25 - 2.0mm PE Pipe with 400m per Roll1032 Φ32 - 2.3mm PE Pipe with 250m per Roll1040 Φ40 - 3.0mm PE Pipe with 200m per Roll1050 Φ50 - 3.4mm PE Pipe with 100m per Roll1063 Φ63 - 3.8mm PE Pipe with 100m per Roll

Features and Specifications:

Use Compression fittings to connect PE Pipe. Operating Pressure: 1.0 – 4.0 bar.High Quality PE (Polyethylene) Tubing.Manufactured with Finger Print PE Resign. Long service life: More than 20 years under the rated temperature and pressure. Good corrosion resistant except a few strong oxidizings. PE pipe is corrosion resistant to many chemical medium and no electric chemical corrosion. Excellent worn resistance-PE pipes worn resistance is four times over than steel pipe then conveying mineral sand and slurry. Quite good impact-resistant-PE pipe has good flexibility and impact resistant that it wont be broken when heavy object pressed on it. Reliable joining the seam of joining won’t be cracked due to moving of soil or load because the strength of the heat or elect-melted interface is stronger than the PE pipe itself. Easy for installation the pipeline has a light weight, simply welding skill.Convenient for installation and a lower cost of the project.

NOTE: The wall-thickness and length can be available according to the customer requirements.


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